Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Classes of a different kind

Guess what we did in class today? Yesh we watched this!

My teacher showed us this movie. Heard of it but never watched it. AND. I. TELL. YOU!... it was bizarre. LoL. BUT! the characteristics were interesting, so we watched the shows as analyctic adults. LoL.

We're gonna watch the rest tomorrow, yay!

Church dinner tonight. :D Did I mention the City Church in KL was awesome? Yesh it is!

And I joined the environment club! Think GREEN! :3

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm still here

Just thought I'd show something interesting. Two crows and a dead rat on the road. :/

It's started. College. :D I admit I had some doubts on the first day. I had a terrible homesick problem, but after sleep, I found it to be okay. I'm tkaing four subjects this semester.

~Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society.
~English 3U
~Canadian and World Issues: A Geographical analysis.
~Canadian and International Law

So far the classes were... different. Although it feels like a mix of school and tuition...except that the concept of teaching is more on your opinion and not based on facts from the textbooks. It's interesting to sum it up. :D

My World Issues Teacher gave us a little Canadian present in conjunction to Canada Day. Behold: my broken Canada lollipop! LoL.

So far so good. I'm enjoyong myself despite the waking up so very dang early part. I'm exhausted.

Song of the Day: "I'll be There- Michael Jackson". Watching the Michael Jackson memorial. :(

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A few days more

Oh okay, there's like, what, 3 days more till I go? Sad, sad. Anyway, yesterday I went shopping for a dictionary. So yeah. I went round the stationary part of the store... 'cause I LOVE stationary. :D I found some nice journals and scrapbooks. Wanted to get a journal, but I wasn't confident on getting one and keeping on writing in one. Wanted to get a scrapbook but heh, with my college life, as IF I'd have time for that. Sad, sad.

So I didn't buy em. :)

Anyway, went to watch Transformers 2 today. 90% of my mind was like, transfixed on how DETAILED the effects and the designs of the Decepticons and the Autobots were. Gaah. I'm like WOAH. But other than that, it's all good. Shia's VERY good in acting. Hated that there were kids in the cenima watching some obscene stuff in that movie. Blegh.

Supposed to be packing. LOL Naughty procrastinating doodlebug. :D

Song of the Day: "I'm still Here"- The Goo Goo Dolls. This was Jim Hawkin's theme in Disney's Treeasure Planet. :D I love this song so much now 'cause I haven't heard it in a long time. :)

ETA: HOLY FUDGE WHAT THE HECK?! LoL at the fact I just wrote on how I chose NOT to buy a journal and how David JUST blogged and seriously asking his fans to get one. Omgosh. Haha. Okay, he's the albatross-boss. :)

Me: Do I have to?
David: Yes, you must!
Me: Uhh..
David: I'm SERIOUS! *srsface!David*

My imagination goes loco after midnight.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A World of My Own

Done with Project: Alice.

Finished doing it while watching the news today. Haha. I kinda am okay with the outcome. Though not as satisfying as the Ariel one. :( I don't really like the outlining of it. Haa.

Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite Disney movies when I was little. I loved the bizzare fantasy world of Wonderland. The concept of Wonderland had helped me win a few art competitions back then. Also, there was this one time I was cast as a character named "Alice". I played a kid in this adult play (I call it an adult play 'cause I didn't know what the play was about at the time) and I was exited. Seeing my character's name, I wore a dress similar to Alice's to the play too. Haha. So yeah, it has been a big influence to me art-wise, and it got me interested in fantasy.

I decided on doing a full-body illustration of Alice. It's been a while since I've done a full-body picture. So yeah. :D I was jugling with Peter Pan, Wendy and Alice, and I went with Alice. :) I might have to do a guy chatacter after this. L0L at me being one-sided. :P

I've also blogged about MJ's recent passing before this. You can check that out if you want to too.

Michael Tribute Post

It's all over the news, music channels, radio stations, newspapers, webpages, twitter, facebook, and, well pretty much all over the web.

Though I'm not a crazy big fan of Michael Jackson. I felt like I've lost a chunk of myself after knowing about the sad news of his passing. Michael has undoubtedly played a huge part in everyone's lives. Most of us grew up listening to him; watching over him through thick and thin.

There was one little thing that happened just before his passing in Malaysian time. I was thinking about how great it would be staying 5 years old; a kid. As my friends whould know, I was on a Disney marathon, so I went through the movies and through the Kingdom Hearts games on youtube. I thought of how great would it be if there was a Neverland.

...wait. There WAS. Michael's Neverland. I thought of that for a while. It was the first time I thought about Michael in a while. And I thought of Michael and how he was as a character. I thought about how similar we are in the sense that we are kids at heart. But it was only a brief thought, so I went offline...

...a few minutes before he passed.

Next morning, I found out that twitter and facebook were full of tweets about his passing. I was devistated. And after thinking about him last night. Even if was just for a brief moment. Like many others, I too, grew up listening to his songs. My first music video that I saw was "You are Not Alone". I remember watching it all over and over again on video tape ('cause my dad used to tape a lot of shows and stuff from tv) with my brother...making fun of his unbuttoned shirt and his navel. Haha yeah, I was like, 3 at the time, what'd you expect?

That was also my dad's favourite songs. The song "Heal the World" was also played a lot when I was young, and I thought it was sad so I didn't like listening to it since it made me feel like crying. Haha. Now that song means a lot right now...along with "Black or White". Truthfully, I'm most fimiliar with his famous singles. I didn't even know some songs existed till my dad pulled out his old CDs just recently. And I didn't even know he had 'em.

So yeah, I put this little thing together as a tribute to dear ol' Michael. :( And for the record despite all the the accusations, I've never thought they were true. I'm sad that he had to live such a dramatic life. Rest in Peace, MJ. Thanks for growing up with me.

Song of the Day: Currently jamming to "Black or White". Not by Michael, but by Adam Lambert. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Let me introduce you to one of my heroes. You know David Archuleta, as my musical hero. My artistic hero is this dude.

Yes you got it. The guy who created Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney. Haha. As much as I've dreamed of become in a 3D animator in Pixar's animation studios, my 2nd choice (in the animation industry if I don't get a position as a 3D animator) would be a key animator or inbetweener for the hand-drawn Disney movies. Because I feel that traditionally hand-drawn animations should be well preserved and kept going. :)

I simply adored all the movies and the cartoons that has been created under Disney's name. Animated features, especially Beauty and the Beast (that was released in 1991, my birth year) has heavily influenced me in the sense that it got me to read. I adored Belle and used to immitate every single part she played. I'd carry the basket and walked while I read, and even go around singing and acting all dramatic. Haha. I adored all the animated films naturally, although I admit I haven't seen ALL of Walt Disney's produced live-action movies. :D

Anyway, at a point I was so crazy with Disney that I had my dad place a subscription for Disney magazines, and he'd get me these Christmas-themed read-along books for Christmas. And basically, Disney's animations and cartoons were the reason I started drawing in the first place anyway. I remember that my favourite original Walt Disney character was Goofy and I used to draw him on the wall when I was 2 years old. And after that from Kindergarden and thru Primary School, I learned to draw characters by tracing. Haa. Good times.

I've been having my own Disney marathon. Tonight, I watched Aladdin. One of my favourite movies of all time with a lesson to always be yourself. I LOVE Robin Williams as Genie. And I love how they animated him. :D

Song of the Day: "Proud of your Boy" sung by Clay Aiken. This song was released in the Special Edition DVD of Aladdin. This was one of the rejected songs for Aladdin because it interfered with the timeline. I loved it when Clay sang this. you can watch it HERE.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot and Cold

Seriously, I think my flu is getting worse. Thanks a lot, Became *glares at packet of meds*. It's SO hot today. I really didn't know what to wear today. If I wore my sleeveless shirt, I'd sneeze when a breeze comes in. If I wore something thick, I'd sweat to death. Hypathetically of course. So I ended up wearing my sleeveless shirt + my long-sleeved shirt. So it was twice as hot, I was sweltering, BUT! I felt comfortable. Cept for the fact my nose kept running.

Anyhoo, I feel random today. Anyone feel random? Here's what's currently outside my house.

Yup. The overgrown bougainvillea tree. :D Also known as the trademark of my house whenever you wanna come visit. Haha.

I saw this at the MPH bookstore.

MUSIC THEMED PENCILS! I want em. Like. SRSLY! Maybe I should get one for my music teacher as a farewell present. She's a pencil nut. Hee.

And um... I did this recently.

Meet Ariel. One of my favourite Disney princesses. :D Haha. I'm pretty impressed with the outcome. I did the eyes a little differently I guess...This took like, 3-4-close to 5 days 'cause I was really concentrating on every detail so it'll come out neat and tidy. :D I did the outlines slowly too this time. Wee. Finally something that I think looks nice. Haha.

...though the pic could use more shading though. *slapped*

Anyhoo, hope my random-ness isn't a bother to anyone, and if it is, SORRY! Haha.

Btw, please go HERE and sign the petition so that David will do a full-blown concert in Malaysia soon!